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Really? Who need aestheticism?


Roses are beautiful since it's black.

  • Java and The Power of Asian-African Conference

    Asian-African Conference in 1955, held in Bandung Indonesia, gave some kinds of power to Asian-African Countries after their independence. In addition, it gave influences to Non-Aligned Movement around the world

  • Tempat Pembuangan Akhir

    Adhy's latest music project. Collecting sounds around the dustbin corner on the internet, He made the tracks by put them together in non-aesthetic ways. So here's the Tempat Pembuangan Akhir.

  • Greenish Faker

    Greenish Faker is Adhy's music video project. It's his first project, as it is to maximize the possibilities from youtube multimodality, I tried to xGsj%6sj@h. It based on my Internet activities that produce lots of Jkj4%7jagAh. As the result, my aJfd,7 is nJmabca*91; nevermind!


    Yes we hate consumerism. But today we aren't talking about having something you'll regret.


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