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Potset is going to be a set of Book, CD Audio, and Craft. The premise is talking about a pot where a seed is being planted, growing, and bearing the flowers and the result; moveless until facing their death. We use a metaphor of marijuana as representation of life, subjugation, and unfairness.

The Book, (written in Bahasa Indonesia) it has a main story about Lidia, a foreign student living in San Francisco who have a friend from Sacramento, Stephanie. They life in a liberal way. They make a story about Biaggi, an innocent kid living with a slut. Biaggi and the slut living by dealing ganja in the chaotic situation; the civil war the between religious wing and the anarchy.

The Music, it has four tracks. The tracks are musicalization of the situation from the story. The two first tracks are Strawberry Kush, a kind of strain name, and Evening Yerba Buena, a place which the name taken from Spanish hierba buena, an aromatic plant. The last two tracks are Love From The Molotov Cocktail and Red Dominoes. They are illustrating the chaos situation in the story.

The Craft, it is a plastic-base pin. And, the bundle of the set will be packed in a pot of crochet.

Pot Is On Sell.
Price: IDR 70.000

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