Manungsani Studio



Berpacu Dalam Komedi

Listen to our newest comedy track-set. Berpacu Dalam Komedi is just a word-playing from the legendary music show, Berpacu Dalam Melodi. Like its name, you don't need to take it seriously. It's just low-quality bootleg and you don't need to worry about it.

There are 8 tracks inside:
1. Salam - As we just to make a greeting for you, again don't take it seriously.
2. Cinta - Which means Love, contains some interviews from people: Soldier, Teacher, Student.
3. LKJ - Means Linton Kwesi Johnson, is a bootleg. Thanks to you who did the speech.
4. 501a - Honestly, I don't really fit capitalism. But, it's okay.
5. King Tito - Big up for King Tubby and Mr Tito. Keep our life peace.
6. Jungle - I just want to say that you need to love the others. Love your cat!
7. Consume - I love youtube. Lots of smart people there.
8. Rich Harto - Rich Brian is something. Soeharto is King!

Prod. Adhy Nugroho for Manungsani Studio
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 3.0)