Trying to collaborate with friends, to make book or documentary movie, but never happened. Then, I think it's better for me to move alone than stuck doing nothing. I started Manungsani with a mural in the street, continued by gluing poster and stickers. 

I made musics. By the time, I consider to make an imaginary space--'a legal name' for my artworks production so that I can coming home anytime with my artwork. Now I make Manungsani Studio as my new home for my artworks. This is an-always-open house for collaboration. I believe that we can collaborate to empower and improve our humanity through this. Not only by collaborate to produce the stuff, we can also collaborate to give more value to the stuff itself.

The works published here are licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution. You're free to use, remake, distribute, and even do it commercially, by giving a proper credit.


Kos Wahyu Lestari
Krajan V, Surya Tenggelam St.
57126. Jebres, Surakarta, Indonesia.